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Fes to Volubilis and Meknes Day Trip is one of the most popular day trips from Fes, it is opportune to travel outside of Fes and visit three interesting places: the Roman ruins of Volubilis, the amazing little town of Mulay Idris Zerhoun which houses a lot of spiritual meaning for Moroccans and Meknes, a quiet city and one of the imperial cities of Morocco.

1. volubilis

The first stop is Volubilis, an archaeological site from Roman times. This site of Carthaginian origin and one of the best preserved archaeological sites not only in Morocco but in all of North Africa. Volubilis is the symbol of the ancient city of Meknes and one of its most important historical and tourist attractions.

This ancient city that dates back to Roman times and beyond, some archaeological excavations that have been carried out since the early 20th century have shown that Volubilis’ origins date back to at least the 3rd century BC. Their urban exploits still testify to the glory of a decades-old civilization in the region.

In addition, this city or the archaeological area is distinguished by the beauty of its nature and its splendor, since it attracts the attention of the visitor by the picturesque landscape in the midst of the urban influence of the city, from ancient columns written in some Romans . letters, houses and temples, arches and fantastic mosaic panels surrounded by a great wall. Diana’s bath, the bath of the nymphs or the trials of Hercules are some of the best preserved mosaics.

Volubilis is rich in many public buildings, including the famous Capitol Temple, the Arch of Liberty, the court and the public square, as well as many monuments of mills, olive presses, baths and the remains of the walls.

2. Molay Idriss Zerhoun

The second stop is Moulay Idris Zerhoun, considered the first Islamic city in North Africa. It derives its name from its founder Moulay Idris. It is located 550 meters above sea level, under Mount Zerhoun, and extends over two hills. It is surrounded by green plains where olive trees abound. The city was banned for up to a year. 1917, to non-Muslims. Today, it retains its character as a holy city. Luckily, today the Mulay Idrís mausoleum is the only place off-limits to non-Muslims.

The city clings to a hill, which is a maze of stairs. Some places, called “Terraces”, provide a wonderful view of the city, the mausoleum, the alleys and the small houses that surround it. You can get lost in the streets of this charming city, look for the only circular minaret in Morocco or enjoy beautiful views from one of the panoramic terraces.

Annually, this city hosts the Season of Moulay Idris the Greater. The biggest religious festival in this little holy city.

Thousands of pilgrims, Sufi sects and various gatherings in search of blessings make the pilgrimage every year at the end of August to visit Moulay Idris, bringing with them many gifts accompanied by folk groups such as Aissaoua, Hamadisha and the Tuat people. .

3. Meknes

The last stop on the day trip from Fes to Volubilis and Meknes is Meknes, the least famous of the country’s four imperial cities. Meknes has been in light since the 10th century AD. Its medina does not have the number of important buildings that the medina of Fes or Marrakech has, but it is very beautiful and calm. It also has a madrasa, colorful souks where you can see artisans who work weaving or iron with traditional techniques.

Although the Medina is beautiful, the most impressive places to see in Meknes are outside of its medieval quarter. The city of Meknes is distinguished by its vast expanse and the multiplicity of its historic buildings and walls. Mawla Ismail surrounded it with walls stretching for 40 km from that glorious time, interspersed with a group of huge urban gates and towers. In the walls, there are several spectacular gates, Bab Mansour is the most impressive gate in all of Morocco.

On the other side of this gate is Lahdem Square which looks a bit like the famous Jamaa el Fna Square in Marrakech. The square is delimited by the wall on one side and by the market with the restaurants on the other. This is also a large square with many environments, animals: snakes with their charmers, an ostrich and a Barbary monkey and a lot of noise.

Finally, another interesting place that you will love during your visit to Meknes is Royal Stables. It is the only place of interest that is somewhat far from the center. Thousands of horses were kept in the stables and also stored grain here. The outside of the stables is very beautiful, a place where you can take many beautiful photos.

The city of Meknes, with its important historical monuments, deserved to be inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1996.

Your day trip from Fez to Volubilis and Meknes ends with a drop-off back to your accommodation in Fes.

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– Plane ticket to and from Morocco.
– Personal expenses and tips.
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