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The 5 Best Outdoor Activities in Merzouga

Merzouga Activities in the Erg Chebbi Dunes:

Merzouga Activities are: ATV quad, buggy driving, 4×4 excursion, sand boarding and Safsaf Oasis day trip from Merzouga. Apart from camel rides, these outdoor activities are the most popular in the Erg Chebbi dunes. Recently, Merzouga desert activities have become a must for any visitor. Do not lose this chance!

1) Merzouga Quad, Buggies y 4×4 Excursion:

These Merzouga activities (ATVs, Buggies and 4×4 excursions) are the most chosen by our clients. Quad biking and buggies give you the opportunity to explore the heart of the Erg Chebbi dunes and a visit to some of the highest sand dunes, so these two activities are a bit adventurous.

The 4×4 excursions in Merzouga are more exploratory than adventurous, it is an opportunity to visit and discover all the interesting sites in the Merzouga area, including a visit to a nomadic family that lives on the edge of the dunes. This 4×4 excursion is a tour of the Erg Chebbi dunes without going into the middle of the sand dunes.

All Merzouga desert activities are available during the day if you are looking for a complete desert experience, modern equipment, and instruction from skilled local assistants. You are in the right place! Read more details and feel free to message us now!

Viajes Tours Marruecos



Only $40

Merzouga Quad Excursion

opinions ( 1500 )

Viajes Tours Marruecos



Only $100

Merzouga Buggy Tour

opinions ( 900 )

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Only $50

Merzouga 4×4 Excursion

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More About Merzouga Activities

Merzouga is a small town in the southeast of Morocco, it is located 560 km from Marrakech and 460 km from Fez. Merzouga is surrounded by other villages, all of which are located on the edge of the Erg Chebbi sand dunes, the most prominent of these villages being the village of Hassi Labied, located about 4 km north of Merzouga.

The Merzouga desert and the famous Erg Chebbi dunes are always a frenzy of activity, being one of the main attractions of Morocco. One of those activities is the opportunity to ATV quad bike on the rolling dunes.

This exciting activity has become a must for many people who visit Erg Chebbi. It’s fun for both beginners and those who are familiar with previous experiences. There is so much to do in Merzouga and above are famous for such activities.

As locals at Viajes Tours Marruecos, we offer an excellent package for anyone who wants a complete desert experience. You can take a desert tour by camel, 4WD, Quad or Buggy at affordable prices.
Meet the locals courtesy of a city tour, sleep under the glittering stars of Erg Chebbi in a Berber tent. Your satisfaction is our priority goal.

What do these Merzouga Activities and Excursions usually include?

In our Merzouga desert activities we almost include everything, all the necessary things you will need are covered. Here is a list of Merzouga activities included.

⇒ Quads ; Buggies

  • Secure park for your car/motorcycle at our guest house
  • Quad / Buggy per person or 2 people maximum
  • Safety helmet
  • Experienced guide/assistant with your own quad or buggy
  • Fuel

⇒ Excursion in 4×4

  • Secure park for your car/motorcycle at our guest house
  • Tour in a modern and comfortable 4WD
  • experienced driver

⇒ Sandboarding activity

  • Sandboard

⇒ Safsaf Oasis Day Trip from Merzouga

  • Secure park for your car/motorcycle at our guest house
  • Tour in a modern and comfortable 4WD
  • experienced driver
  • Lunch

The Price of Merzouga Quad, Buggies, Excursion includes:

The prices of Merzouga Activities depend mainly on the number of travelers in your group. Here are the estimated costs. Please get in touch with us for more details.

Briefly consult the information about the Quad and Buggies and 4×4 Excursions in Merzouga

4×4 ExcursionDay Excursion to Safsaf
Only €40/PersonOnly €90/PersonOnly €10Only €30/PersonFrom €50


Merzouga 4×4 Excursion Itinerary Program:?

Merzouga is surrounded by picturesque villages and fantastic landscapes that can be explored with the help of 4×4.

This Merzouga 4×4 excursion starts from our location and then takes an exciting drive through the desert dunes dotted with black volcanic rocks, taking you to some villages, on the route made famous by the Paris Dakar Rally. Visit the seasonal lake of Merzouga.

Then stop at Khamlia village, listen to Gnawa music (optional) to mingle and possibly have mint tea with the locals. Note that Gnawa musicians need to buy a CD (it costs around €10) or a tip, therefore one of the two options is mandatory; otherwise, you can skip them and proceed directly to the Lead Mines in Mefes.

Mefes is a small, almost abandoned town on the other side of the Erg Chebbi dunes, known for its mineral mines such as iron, zinc and lead in particular. These mines have been started since the French colonization.

Later, we continue our 4×4 excursion to visit the nomads who live in Berber-style tents on the edge of the Erg Chebbi dunes. The last thing you will discover on this Merzouga 4×4 excursion are the gardens of the village of Hassi Labied.

How to get to Merzouga From Marrakech and Fes?

  • Transportation from Marrakech to Merzouga desert:

The bus (Supratours) leaves Marrakech for Merzouga every day at 8:00 in the morning and arrives in Merzouga around 21:00.

  • Transportation from Fez to Merzouga desert:

The bus (Supratours) departs from Fes to Merzouga every day at 19:00 in the evening and arrives in Merzouga around 06:00.

Note: One of our team will be waiting for you at the Merzouga bus station.

  • For more information about the “SUPRATOURS” bus, visit its official website: Supratours .
  • If you come to Merzouga by rental car, we will be waiting for you at our guest house in Merzouga.
  • For more information about transportation in Morocco, CONTACT US WHATSSAP: +212700724269

Do I Need Previous Experience to Take a Tour?

No, you do not need previous experience in quads, our staff will provide you with the necessary instructions, you only agree to follow them for a better and safer experience.

  • How to Book this Excursion in Merzouga??

To confirm Merzouga Quad Excursion, we require a small deposit to be paid via PayPal or Payoneer into our account, the balance is paid in cash at pickup, to your driver in Euros, or the same in dollars or dirhams.

  • Is it possible to pay in full with PayPal?

We typically request balance payments in cash because PayPal also has a lot of transaction fees and operational delays as it is a global institution. In some cases we will accept full payment via Paypal, however a 5% fee will be applied to hide additional transaction charges. in case you are considering this method, it is better to rearrange the payment before the tour.

Cancellation policy:

For a full refund, cancel a minimum of 15 days prior to the experience start date.

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I keep thinking about renting a car, using public transport or booking a complete tour of Morocco and traveling in better conditions. Look no further! Check out our designed desert tours from your preferred destinations and get the best tour at an affordable price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Does the Tour Start and End?

This desert trip will start and end at our hotel or camp in the Merzouga area.

Can I include Sandboarding in this Merzouga Tour?

Yes, of course, you can include the sandboarding activity in this trip.

How Long is the Tour?

The 4+4 tour to the Safsaf Oasis from Merzouga lasts a full day.

Is This Private or Shared Tour?

Our Merzouga tours and excursions are private, which is the best way to travel comfortably and flexibly.

When Does the Tour Start?

This trip starts in the morning and ends in the late afternoon.

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